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So, you know that I’m working on a novel, working being the operative word.  What you didn’t know was the fact that it could well be labeled “Steampunk.” I am sure you feel better for knowing that bit.

The first draft is out of the way. The bare bones are down. That was the easy part. Yes I know you know that, you probably warned me in your blog or on that forum post. I like to learn the hard way.Image

So here I am avoiding doing the hard stuff, the ‘getting flesh on the bones’ part.

I now know why the first book can take years. As Matt Haig pointed out everything is more appealing than finishing the book. Every-single -thing. Even doing the ironing and dealing with the kids. (I do love them. Honest.)

I do believe the phrase is procrastination.

Procrastination be damned, stalling on this project is not allowed. I needed to find a way to get this alternative history story moving more than 3 words a week.

 Me telling myself “get on with it” doesn’t work. I can reply with “But the kids, the housework, the bills.” Even the ever doting and still miraculously sane husband lecturing me about it results in unfavourable answers to say the least.

Not good enough.

This book must be finished. So I had to do some soul searching. Something that would hold me to the cause.The dredded wagging finger of doom.

 Lil ol’ me is goal orientated. I have to unlock all the achievements, I totally have to catch’em all (still working on that one.) ImageI remembered Nano has a July camp. Nanowrimo is, for me,  a crash course on “get it down and out of your head.” I didn’t treat it with the respect I wanted to last November. That wasn’t going to work.

Then, through a smog of tweets one lunch time I discovered Clarion West’s Write-a-Thon. You know what Clarion West is? A Science Fiction / Fantasy author training camp – or words to that effect. I’ve know about their workshop for some time. Too far away for me, but this Write-a-thon shadows the workshop. I can pretend I am basking in the shade of the immortals present this year, more importantly it’s a little more tailored toward my writing areas than the overall scope of Nano.

Bonus, I can set my own goals.

I signed up.

 You know you could help me be a little more goal focused and sponsor me. Follow my progress I’ll update as often as I can. It’s a simple aim to get this second edit done, at least one hour every day writing before I do anything else.

If you sponsor me you get to shout at me if you see me mucking about in Digital Social World. I promise not to shout back. Much. Funds raised will go to help someone attend that workshop in the future and maintain the work they do there. It’s not a bad thing. Heck you could even sign up yourself and help  volunteers work with other writers, guiding them toward their goals while getting yourself where you want to be – right?