It’s been a busy week this week, and with it a new module at University. We’re covering poetry, for me that means a lot more work than usual. I took to heart the advice given by all authors: read. Read outside your genre, read inside your genre, just read. Alas I don’t read poetry. Not the kind that we’ll be covering at Uni. I read poems to my children. Gruffalo isn’t on the reading list, nor is Spike Milligan. There isn’t an “Albert” or his lion anywhere either. 

On top of my extra reading, I am pleased to say that I now blog for I get to experience writing, dealing with audience expectations, publication from a writer’s point of view as well as the editing process.

Of course this is along side my current project. ‘The Novel: First Draft.’ I’m just under 4000 words in having managed about 4 hours this week. Behind already!