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I am all sorts of buzzing and I am sure some of you more experienced writers will chuckle at the source of my excitement!


A few weeks back I landed myself a desk from free-cycle. I already have a writing ‘home’ in the form of a bureau. A period piece, shelves with leaded windows for all my research books, I love it to bits. This, however is within sight of the smallest child, and within hearing, tantrum and ‘mummy help’ range. So of no use when I am trying to write. Yes I am an evil mummy – but let’s not get side tracked.

The new-to-me desk required much experimentation and furniture moving over weeks that followed. A little bit of D.I.Y even but this not quite perfect desk in my hideaway works far better than keeping the local coffee shop open and in profit.

Proof can be found in my current assignment, which I can say I am for the first time in the four years I have been submitting work, this one is edited properly, without me being sidetracked.

Today my long suffering husband set up a canvas. A make shift pin board. My writing space is complete.

While contributory, none of this is the source of my happiness.


I plotted my novel! I, me. Yes. I plotted my novel.


It’s all there looking at me every time I walk in the room. My excitement bubbles and I can’t wait to get stuck in.


Now, I am not a plotter – I never thought I would be. I have until recently written by the seat of my pants. (I have intelligent underwear, didn’t you know?) But now I have little pieces of paper held in place by dressmaker pins. It features all the key development areas of my soon to be re-started novel.

I’ve started this novel before. It was a short story. Supposedly. I’ve started this novel before, and got stuck six thousand words in because I didn’t know where I was going.

Now I do.


Now I see the weak areas, the time line, the devices, the conflicts, the turning points.




Now I see an end.



An end. Yes. As I said you more experienced writers might see some humour in my excitement. The first draft is just the beginning isn’t it?

It is a step in the right direction.


So here, I shall share with you my aim to finish this draft by the end of May. Expected word count to be around the 100,000 mark.

Lets see how I get on as I have interactive projects and another university assignment to distract me, as well as my loving family. Can’t be forgetting those folk now can I?