Very pleased to meet you. Who am I?  I’m a writer. Once upon a time I designed websites. Now I write stuff.

Stuff? My genre is speculative and all that it brings.
I’m a student at Hull University. I’ve got two years left to complete my Creative Writing Degree.

I’m a full time mum, part time housewife, spare time complainer. Somewhere in there I find time to write and currently looking to build a business around words.
What do I write?
I write words, collectively they build worlds.
I believe in magic. It can only happen if you believe. Just as help can only come if you ask.

I’m exploring new media. The immersive world offers so much potential, how can it be ignored?

Steampunk, yes please. Fantasy, I’ll have some of that. Add a dash of Science Fiction, a splash of Historical a whole box of what if and a smidging of maybe. If you stir in a little romance, add a dollop of social awareness and leave to stew, you’ll be close to what I’m aiming for.

4 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Words can indeed lead to worlds – as long as we get them in the right order!

  2. Hey Beverly,

    I’m interested in pinning your book Virtually Everything to several of my Pinterest boards. How would you classify it? YA? Adult? Sci-Fi? Dystopia?

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